“Fat Days”

I’m sure this is a common situation every female goes through, albeit with a different name I’m sure. I’m talking about what I have affectionately dubbed “fat days”.

I’m not overweight, I exercise 3 times a week (pilates is my one true love currently) and I eat overly healthy (Macca’s after a heavy night of drinking doesn’t count). Yet, there are days where I wake up and I’m not content with what I’m seeing in the mirror. I wouldn’t go as far to say that I’m unhappy with my body – I’m not, I can see the progression that I’ve made since committing to a regular exercise schedule. But there are definitely aspects of my body that I would like to make slimmer, or toner.

I’m not going to start on a rant on how this is entirely societal expectations that I’m projecting onto my body, and that loving yourself is the only way to combat this and those aforementioned expectations in one go. I’m here to say that I think “fat days” are healthy.

I think that mentally, being able to look at your body and say “hey, I’m not overly happy with this area of my body” and then taking the time to move on from those thoughts is healthy. Give yourself the day to wallow in negative body image, fuck stay in bed all day because of it if you feel the need. But only give yourself one day. After that day, move on, look at those negative areas in a positive light – just don’t deny how you feel about yourself; shed a new light on it. If you can teach yourself to look at a negative situation in a different way, then you can do anything. Pretending that we are all completely and utterly happy with the way we look isn’t going to make dealing with other real world situations any easier, and to be frank, it takes a toll on you mentally. Before you know it you’re week-deep into a spiral of negative thoughts and tubs of Ben and Jerry’s. Not a place I want to be. Allowing yourself to think what you really feel also lowers the frequency of these thoughts occurring – I know this from experience.

So it’s ok to think negatively about the way your body looks, as long as you only give in for one day. Just one “fat day”.



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