“Love” at First Sight

Let me start off by saying that this dilemma could not have made itself present at a greater time – what a better day to talk about my non-existent love life than on Valentine’s Day.

I was lying in bed the other night and instead of switching off my brain was in full hyper mode, replaying every minuscule event that happened during the day. Riveting stuff, I know. One of these particular events was on the train on the way home from uni, where I engaged in a brief game of accidental footsies with the guy sitting opposite me. This guy happened to also come into the cafe I’ve begun working at quite frequently, and he’s pretty good looking.

So naturally, I fell in love with him.

This turned into a rabbit hole of reminiscing on all of the guys I have fallen in love with after a brief encounter, which lead to the realisation that I am the true definition of desperate.

But why do we (I hope it’s a “we” thing and I am not the only person who does this) fall in love with people who show us the slightest bit of attention, or are above average in looks? Is this a repercussion of my terribly short and quite sad dating history? Is there a cure for this? How do I turn it off?!

If someone asked for a list of people that I could see myself dating, anyone at all, it would include all of my male friends, and about half the male population of Melbourne’s inner city under-30’s who happen to catch the same public transport I do that day. Maybe even some over-30’s. Can’t close off my options too much.

It’s an epidemic and I need to kill it off before it spreads and I do something stupid and am forced into hiding with my virtual cats (Neko Atsume – who needs living pets when you can entertain yourself with these insane virtual ones for hours?). Until I manage to find the switch in my brain responsible for this and remove it completely I will carry this burden hopefully finding a cure for sufferers of the same fate.

And naming my virtual cats.



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